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Our Services

Profound Engineering is proud to provide the following services:

 Engineering Design & Product Development:

  • Piping systems Engineering
  • Fuel Systems: Storage, Piping, conditioning and delivery
  • Transport Canada Tank Design 
  • Storage Tank design
  • Pressure vessel Design
  • Structural steel design
  • Over-head lifting equipment design
  • Drilling Rig Design

 Cost Analysis:

Aimed to reduce cost of fabrication by studying fabrication process, welding details, Metallurgy and Design.

Stress Analysis:

  • FEA : We are fully equipped to perform FEA static and dynamic models on structures, tanks, Racks, lifting equipment etc…
  •  Structural Analysis: our  team is experienced in performing structural analysis using latest software technologies.

Inspection & commissioning:

  • Fuel System commissioning and certification
  • Structural rating and inspection